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MIGS (aka: Steve Thimmig) is an award winning artist from Sheboygan, Wisconsin whose artistic inclinations began at age 5. He claims Jack Kirby and Stan Lee as his first influences.

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About MIGS

"I read a lot of comic books as a young kid, mostly Marvel Comics, I love the stylized look that Jack "King" Kirby gave those books and I believed laid the roots for the graphic art look of my work."

Enter the teenage years and his introduction to rock music. Album cover art began the next source for inspiration and influence. "I remember one of the first albums I bought was Three Dog Night's "Golden Biscuits" which had this very Dali-esque illustration."  "A lot of my early influences came from artists I discovered through album covers, most notably Storm Thorgerson (Pink Floyd), Roger Dean (Yes), Hugh Syme (Rush)." 


Art classes exposed him to the likes of Andy Warhol, Salvador Dali,

Henri Magritte and Peter Max. It was through this diverse group of

artists that Steve’s signature style matured.

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